ZipKey November Release

Berlin, November 21st 2019

Enhanced Employee Roles - Your employees do lots of things and have lots of responsibilities. That is the reason why we are extending the role management for your employees in ZipKey. Each employee can now have multiple roles for different locations and entrances. You can find out more about how to configure those roles in our Help Center.

Multi-Location Tenants - Similar to the employees, you can now also assign the same tenant company to multiple of your locations. For each location, you can assign a specific contact person and additional information for this tenant. The tenants can then also assign their employees to multiple locations. More information on the new tenant management can be found in our Help Center.

New Navigation Structure - As mentioned in the last release notes, we have updated the navigation structure significantly. These changes are based on user feedback and were also needed for the new employee and tenant management. It might take some time to get used to the new structure, but if you have any issues or additional feedback, please write us an email at [email protected].

Manual Check In - With this feature, we are further improving the check-in flow. From now on, your receptionists can manually check in any upcoming guest. For this to be available, the guest must have completed all required information like trainings and documents. If there are no requirements (eg. event), you can always directly check them in.


ZipKey July Release

Berlin, July 31st 2019

Salesforce Integration - ZipKey is not only great to manage guests for individual appointments, but also an excellent choice for large events with hundreds of guests. The simple check-in process combined with the on-demand name badge printing make the whole experience as convenient as possible. Now, we also make inviting and managing guests easier by integrating with Salesforce. Use your existing lists, connect them to an appointment with ZipKey, and everything else is done automatically. To get started with ZipKey + Salesforce, please send us an email at [email protected].

Birthdate as an Identifier - Up until today, guests had two ways of identifying themselves with ZipKey: either with their email or their QR code. But some of your guests might not have a business email. For them, we developed a third way of identification: their birthdate. You can now set up your location to identify guests with their full name and birthdate. This allows recurring guests to only do trainings and documents once and combines them into one user.

More UI Improvements - We are continuing to work on the user interface of both the ZipKey Web-Dashboard as well as the iPad kiosk app. With this release, we are preparing some bigger changes which will be released later this year. For now, there are some improvements for the navigation, the Web-Registration, and the document signature page on the kiosk.

Trusted ID (preview) - With Trusted ID, ZipKey will become the number one choice for visitor management in highly secure buildings. It combines sophisticated hardware like an ID scanner and a 3D camera with the latest software technology to identify and verify every single guest. To find out more about Trusted ID, please have a look at this PDF. If you want to schedule a demo, please contact us directly.


ZipKey March Release

Berlin, March 27th 2019

Azure Active Directory - As mentioned in our last release notes, we are now supporting employee management with Microsoft’s Azure AD. With this release, we are happy to announce that this feature has passed the initial testing and has now reached general availability.

Enhanced Reception Dashboard - In the last few months, we studied how receptionists work with the ZipKey Web-Dashboard. We found that ZipKey highly increases the efficiency and also the satisfaction for the whole visitor flow. To further improve this, we are adding a few subtle changes to customize the receptionist page. This means customizing columns, allowing to select the current entrance, and adding a search functionality. All data is stored per device and makes switching between entrances more convenient.

Multiple Trainings & Documents - With this release, we are enabling locations to have multiple security trainings and documents. This means that you can have a company-wide NDA and training and extend them individually per location. Your guests will have to complete all of these preconditions to be able to check in.

Kiosk Improvements - We also took the time to conduct a user study for our iPad-based kiosk solution. While the experience was good overall, we also found a few things to improve. In the latest release, you can find multiple small improvements for the kiosk flow which will make it even easier for your guests to check in unattended. You can find more information about iPad support in our Help Center.


ZipKey January Release

Berlin, January 25th 2019

Slack Notifications - Due to popular demand, we have added an integration for Slack. Simply connect your Slack account to ZipKey and get notified about your guests via the ZipKey Bot directly in Slack. Never miss a notification due to delayed email updates again! Find out how you can connect Slack in our Help Center.

Multiple Integrations per Account - Up until now, you could only connect each integration once per account. Now, you can connect multiple Google & Outlook calendars and Slack users with your ZipKey account. That way, you can synchronize calendars from multiple users and get multiple employees notified about your guests. You can connect those integrations like before on the integrations page.

More Insightful Invitations - Previously, the invitation emails were too minimalistic. We added more information to these emails while keeping them short and precise. This way, your guests get all the information they need at one glance. You can see how the new invitation emails look like in our Help Center.

Brand Relaunch - We have updated the color set of ZipKey to more sophisticated shades. This update also changed some contrast ratios improving the readability of text in general. In addition, we now have a brand new website:


ZipKey November Release

Berlin, November 12th 2018

Host Notifications - Until now, only the administrator of your company was notified when a guest without a host arrived. With the newest release, you can choose which of your employees should get notified. This also includes that multiple employees can be informed. Find out how you can change these settings in our Help Center.

Analytics Dashboard for Tenants - Our analytics dashboard is now available for tenants. The dashboard provides a detailed overview of how many guests you are meeting, at what times they arrive, and who your most frequent visitors are. You see the information on “Analytics” in the main navigation menu.

Private Contacts - Enjoy enhanced privacy as information about the guests you invited are not shared with your colleagues anymore. We have removed the company-wide address book in favor of private contacts.

Multi-Location Integrations - If your company uses ZipKey at multiple locations, you can now choose which one will be used for Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook integrations.

MOBOTIX Integration - ZipKey can now integrate MOBOTIX cameras. Attach image snapshots from your video surveillance cameras to our visitor data. ZipKey can also send tags and data to MOBOTIX like ID pictures and visitor information. The increased level of detail is beneficial for audit purposes.

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