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ZipKey manages your visitor invitations efficiently, simplifies check-ins and gives you full control over your visitors according to the security standards of your facility.

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Invite and manage your visitors

Manage your invitations in one place and easily send out professional invites to your visitors.

Returning visitors? No problem, their information is already stored and ready to go.

Make check-in a breeze

Welcome your visitors with a smooth check-in. Visitors pre-register and get their personal QR code via our app, and simply scan it at the reception terminal to check-in in seconds. No stress, no waiting time.

Know who your visitors are

Collect visitor data straight from the start with a complete visitor list. Access it 24/7 to know who’s in your building anytime and anywhere. Easily export it as Excel or CSV.

Host Notifications

Never leave your visitors waiting. ZipKey notifies you via email, SMS, or Slack once your visitor checks in.

Visitor Onboarding

Your guests can conveniently sign legal documents, read your house rules, and security instructions.

Badge Printing

Print a custom visitor badge instantly to identify who’s welcome, and more importantly, who’s not.

Web Dashboard

Your visitor management hub from inviting guests, exporting reports, to reviewing visitor access.

Reception Terminal

Conveniently check-in at reception via personalised QR code or a simple form.

Visitor App

Allow visitors to complete their secure pre-registration at their convenience anytime, anywhere.

ZipKey helped us to make our visitor management more efficient while maintaining the high-security standards at our facility.
Stephen Neubauer
CEO & CO-FOUNDER / Truestamp

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